Monday, October 26, 2009

Some trades that are requested.

Ivan is looking to make some trades, so do check out what you need and what you can trade off.

He has:
1) Necron Codex - Traded/Sold
2) Chaos Daemons Codex - Traded/Sold
3) AoBR Orks - Traded/Sold
All items are new and in very good condition.
He's looking to get:
Space Wolf Codex for the Chaos Daemons Codex,
3 Scout Bikers/Sternguard Veterans for the AoBR Orks
Necron Codex for a Space Marine Captain or Basilica Administratum

Monday, June 15, 2009

Chaos Defiler and Chaos Terminators

Owner: Wesley Goh
The prices are as follows:
Chaos Defiler - Traded/Sold
Chaos Terminators - Traded/Sold
Both prices are negotiable. Chaos Daemons are acceptable, especially Khorne Daemons.

Here are the pictures.
Chaos Defiler still in sprue.

Chaos Terminators, all in the sprues with the bases.

Leave a comment to negotiate if interested.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Chaos Space Marines, Space Wolves, Wood Elves

Owner: Ivan Ng
1) Defiler: de-sprued and cleaned - Traded/Sold
2) Chaos Havocs: de-sprued and cleaned - Traded/Sold
3) 8 Old school metal fantasy Pink & Blue Horrors - Traded/Sold
4) Space Wolf Rune Priest in Terminator Armour - RM50 negotiable
5) Space Wolf heavy weapon marine - RM35
6) Wood Elf Eagle rider, minus the wings - Traded/Sold

Willing to trade items for Space Marine Assault Squad, Tanks or Land Speeders.
Death Guard marines most welcomed :)


Thursday, June 11, 2009


Owner : Kai

He would like to sell his Eldar stuff. Do take a look and leave a comment if you're interested.

As you can see only the Dark Reapers are assembled, apart from that the rest are still new with the plastic shrink wrap.

Dark Reapers (5 men assembled) - RM 90
Harlequins - Sold
Swooping Hawks - RM 100
Vyper - RM 55
Wraithlord - Sold

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The purpose of Glued My Fingers Mini Trade

You know, I've always heard of people asking me whether I could help them find buyers for certain products that they don't use from a boxed set.

For example, you might not want the Space Marine Scouts from the Space Marines Battleforce, but someone wants them just as bad. You can request for me to post it up so someone could discuss about making a deal with you. You can either choose to sell or trade.

Rules on the blog:
1) You must be registered with Why? Simple, my blogs are powered by You will receive an email notification when someone replies to your comment, which is definitely useful for everyone.

2) You must email me the full details including the price, which edition or mini you're trading and like I said, full details about the item that you are willing to trade/sell along with at least 2 pictures from it. Remember that you must tell me the price and condition of your items so I can post it up on the blog.

3) Please refrain from flaming the other person and keep this place healthy. We gamers are a friendly bunch right?

4) Treat the comments box as if it's a forum for your discussion and deals.

5) Please only disclose your email only on the comments area, or find a more secluded place to exchange contacts.

6) Please don't put your private information here like your phone number and such. It's scary what people can do nowadays...

Terms of Service:
1) I will not be responsible for any loss, trades or transactions that goes on between the buyer and the seller. I'm just running the blog to help you guys.

2) I will not do your trade or transaction for you. You know as well as I do that I have lots of things to handle already. Unless your items of trade are with me...

3) Using the services of this blog is FREE, I do not gain anything from your transactions. So you will have a better time trading and selling here.

So please enjoy your stay here by trading or selling the things that you want or don't need and like I always say, let's make this a good one...


Glued My Fingers Mini Trade Disclaimer

This blog is a sub blog from Glued My Fingers. It is for the WarGamers community in Malaysia to sell and trade.

WarGamers from across the globe are welcome to take a look too and you might find something fancy that you like.

Please take some time to read the Rules and Terms of Service to this blog.